Gay Rights / LDR


The past few days have been really difficult with McDreamy and me.  We want to spend Thanksgiving together which means me going to his parents house.  His parents still don’t accept that we are dating so it makes things kind of difficult. Why can’t people see that treating gay couples differently is exactly the same … Continue reading


Bus back to Pitt

Not looking forward to this bus ride back to Pittsburgh. Bad weather matches my mood. Why does it always rain heading back to Pittsburgh from McDreamy’s apartment? We decided not to spend three weeks apart any longer. Neither of us enjoyed it. I really hope all this travel turns out to be worth it! I’ve … Continue reading


Philly Bound!

Just finished up school and meetings for the day. Lots of great stuff. Can’t wait to talk to McDreamy about some projects in the works. He’s taking his exam right now. Hope he does well! I’m grabbing a quick bite to eat (and a big glass of wine) to prepare for the 7 hour bus … Continue reading